September 24, 1996

TO:    Jerry Trippe
FR:    Mary C. Stephens
RE:    Fuel Additive FX-1

Finally, someone has come up with an additive that really has an effect on my mini-van's mpg!

My husband and I had been getting 12-14 miles per gallon before using your additive. After using a tank full of mid-grade and using your product, our mileage has increased to between 16-18 miles per gallon depending on what type of driving do. Usually our daily trip to and from work in 85% highway, but as you know from the Beltway, sometimes you may be on the highway, but it feels like you have caught every traffic light created!

Your additive has also decreased the number of times we go to the gas station and fill up from 3 to 2 times per week. At $20+ per tank, this will add up to a significant savings over time. I have noticed that the car seems to have the merging/passing power of a 6-cylinder, even tho it only has 4 cylinders - it really has get up and go! And I like that!

After using your additive, and then going back to just mid-grade gas, you really notice the difference. The van is sluggish, and will not respond with as much power as when the product is used. My husband gets really tired of listening to me say, "We should have bought the 6-cylinder to begin with." Your product quiets my fussing, and that makes my husband very, very happy!

You have a faithful customer in me. I fully intend to be a repeat buyer when your product makes its way to market. Until then, any sample bottles will be greatly appreciated!!!!

As a footnote: We have tried some of the other additives on the market: STP, Slick50, etc., and they do not hold a candle to FX-1! Once the general public gets their hands on FX-1, the others might as well close up shop, because no one will go back to them after they feel the difference your additive makes in their driving.

Thank you very much for finally coming up with a product that actually does what it claims!

[Note: GTA Fuel Enhancer used the name FX-1 during initial trials but this name was dropped soon after.]