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August 9, 1996

General Technology Applications
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To Whom It Concern:

This is just a short note to explain my experience, and my wife's experience with your fuel additive.

During four consecutive fill-ups, I added your additive, as per the instructions (to the gas tank prior to fill-up). My wife drives our 1989 Chevrolet Lumina Mini-Van (four cylinder) that we used for the test during weekdays, and I drive it on the weekend.

Both my wife and I agree, the additive gave the mini-van more power, more performance. My most distinct memory is how the mini-van performed on left hand turns with groceries, my wife and I and our three kids in the van. From a full stop, the van could accelerate through the turn much more quickly. In all situations needing quicker acceleration - going from an on ramp to the highway, through a four way stop, passing on the highway -- there was a measurable difference in the power of the engine. The additive made me much more comfortable knowing the power was available if needed.

The other effect the additive had was to enhance the performance of the engine. It ran smoother, quieter and just plain better. I know for a fact this is the case, because several weeks after I ran out of the additive, the engine just did not run as smoothly as it did when we used the additive, nor did it have anywhere near the same acceleration performance.

It is a great product, and I wish I could buy it for both my van and my Taurus. I hope it gets to the shelves soon.

If you pass this letter on to potential customers, and they wish to speak to me directly, feel free to have them call me at the number below.

Very truly yours,

Dan Perrin

122   C   Street   NW   Suite 815   Washington,    DC    20001    Phone:    202.543.2825


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