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April 2, 1997

Office of the President
General Technology Applications, Inc.

Dear Jerry,
This is a brief account of my experience with the GTA fuel additive in my personal automobile. I drive a 1995 Oldsmobile Aurora but not very much; in 24 months I have accumulated approximately 13,000 miles and twenty percent of that resulted from a week long trip to the west coast of Florida. Since beginning the use of the additive, all of the driving has been local within a twenty-mile radius of our home and I am currently using the seventh tank of treated gasoline.

I try to refill the tank each time when the level indicator is less than 1/4 full to give a new charge of approximately 15 gallons with one bottle of the additive entered at the beginning of the service. I am accustomed to driving with the engine data center indicator set on Average Miles Per Gallon and with the stop and go of city driving I have typically seen an indication of 16 to 17 miles per gallon. With a relatively new engine that is serviced on a regular schedule I didn't expect to notice any change in the acceleration or audio cues but the average mpg indicator did advance at least one full unit and with successive tanks of treated fuel the advance was notably stronger.

The most striking change has come with the current tank of fuel. After reviewing the physical-chemistry explanation of the impact of the additive on the combustion efficiency in the cylinder, it seemed to me that the manufacturer's recommendation for the use of supreme unleaded fuel was not necessarily applicable while using the additive. Therefore, with the most recent refill, I have converted to the standard unleaded fuel with a bottle of the additive, fully expecting some decrement in the average mpg. Instead, and to my surprise, the data center indicator is consistently hovering around 20 and the engine performance is fully as responsive as it has ever been. A single tank full is hardly a comprehensive test but if the owners of new high performance cars can save $.20 per gallon and still get the kind of performance improvement that I am experiencing, both you and the car distributors have an unusual sales opportunity.

I would recommend more testing to hopefully confirm these results.

Congratulations and Best Regards,

Dick Horner
[signature on file]


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