West Alabama British
Car Club

5938 Bradford Lane
Tuscaloosa, AL 35405

August 11,1996

GTA Inc.
7720 Mason King Court
Manassas, VA 20109

To whom It may Concern.

     Yes, I was skeptical about using a new product and dumping this "Fuel system additive" in the tank of Emma, my '62 MGA, but within the first 20 miles my skepticism disappeared.

     I use this car nearly every day in stop and go traffic. What I have noticed most is my car's smoothness during idle and it's quicker response when leaving a red light, no more hesitation. A situation that comes to mind is in the morning when leaving home, I have a small hill to climb and I have to downshift from 3rd gear to 2nd about halfway up the hill. With this "Fuel system additive," in the tank I can now make it to the top of the hill still in 3rd gear. Another added advantage I've noticed is its starting ability. Just turn the key, pull the starter and it fires up. This was never an easy task for Emma.

     Could you let me know as soon as possible where I can purchase this product locally. I have got other classic cars that I would like to try this product in.


Bruce Hill
Chairman of the Board
West Alabama British Car Club
[signature on file]


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