January 31, 1997


General Technology Applications, Inc.
7720 Mason King Court
Manassas, VA 22110

ATTN:    Mr. Jerry Tripp


Dear Jerry:

I am excited about this new product, GTA FUEL ENHANCER! Initially, I was a skeptic about it. Now I am impressed with what it has done for my 16,000 pound tool truck. I drive a 1989 Chevy 454 with 88,000 miles on it. My gas mileage is somewhat poor due to the age of the vehicle, the weight it must carry, plus the constant start and stops all day long, each day as I pull into each of my customer's locations.

I have filled my tank four times adding the GTA FUEL ENHANCER. What a difference this has made for my fuel consumption. See the following:

    Mileage        Date        # of Gallons to Fill

     88,575      1/17/97           35.2
     88,732      1/23/97           35
     88,909      1/27/97           34.6
     89,505      1/29/97           33.4

   480 Total Miles                  138 Total Gallons

This has increased my gas mileage up to 4.48 MPG. This is significant as my previous best gas mileage was in the range of 3 MPG. Other benefits I have observed;

- Easier starts
- More power
- Better fuel mileage
- Runs smoother

Before adding GTA FUEL ENHANCER, my engine idled poorly due to aged timing chain (i.e., retarded timing), bad exhaust fumes plus I filled my tank every other day.

This product, GTA FUEL ENHANCER, is GREAT!! Also, I'm certain I won't have to replace my starter every seven months as in the past.

Thanks for a great product!!



Jeff Heinbaugh
Tool Distributor


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