To:                      Jerry Tripp
Company:             GTA

From:                   BERNIE & IRENE FREY
Company:             BIRD Feeding Station
                            2022 S. PLEASANT VALLEY RD
                            WINCHESTER, VA 22601
Phone:                 1-540-662-1396
Fax:                     1-540-662-1397

Date:                    8-15-96

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Comments: My 1981 Buick with 91,000 miles on it was acting sluggish for a couple of months for some unknown reason.
It then would not start at all! So I had a mechanic change the plugs and wires and check the distributor. He got it running but he could not get it to run well enough for me to feel comfortable driving it. It always seemed like it was going to stall which would be a disaster if I were in traffic or speeding down the interstate. My wife then brought home some samples of your FX-1 gasoline additive and asked me to try them and see what they would do. Knowing an additive would not clear up my problem I reluctantly put a 2 oz. bottle in my tank and then topped it off with regular gasoline. Almost immediately the car started to run smoothly. I was still skeptical but it is irrational to believe that my problem cured itself while I was pouring in the FX-1. I continued to treat my Buick with FX-1 for the next four fill-ups. I have not experienced any engine running problems since.

P.S. I put sample treatments into my wife Irene's 88 Chevy Baretta that currently has 257,000 miles on it. She said after the treatment with FX-1 it ran quieter and smoother and went up long hills more easily. We now know you have a winner with FX-1.

[Note: GTA Fuel Enhancer used the name FX-1 during initial trials but this name was dropped soon after.]


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