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August 15, 1996

Mr. Jerry Trippe
General Technology Applications, Inc.

Dear Mr. Trippe:

I feel compelled to write you a letter about my amazement with your fuel additive product.

We have used two sample bottles in four full tanks with our 1990 Jeep Cherokee. The first and most obvious impression made was the immediate and dramatic change in the vehicle's acceleration performance. The Cherokee has 147,800 miles on it, but with excellent maintenance care its performance has been very good. This additive immediately improved the acceleration rate and general driving performance of the engine far beyond any expectations that I had, believe me.

The second glaring impression was made with the immediate increase in miles per gallon (MPG) of gas consumed. My tests, of course, cannot be considered professional but I will say that the Cherokee, with your fuel additive, has improved from 15.0 MPG in town and 17.0 MPG on the road to 16.5 - 17.0 MPG and 18.5-19.0 MPG respectively. These are significant increases to one who puts a lot of miles on cars each year.

I want you to know that when this product becomes available on U.S. shelves, I will be a faithful user. Good luck in your endeavors.


Raymond J. Flannery
[signature on file]


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