TO:                  Jerry Tripp
FROM:            Robert Erickson
SUBJECT:       Fuel Additive Critique
DATE:             August 14, 1996

We recently took a two-week vacation through Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado pulling a 24' vacation trailer weighing about 4500 pounds. During the trip, I alternated using two gas tanks. I used the additive in one tank, Tank #1, and did not use additive in the other tank, Tank #2.

While running on Tank #1, 1 got 9.47 miles per gallon. In Tank #2, 1 got 7.79 miles per gallon. The driving conditions ranged from pulling 4.5% to 5.5% grades between Phoenix and Flagstaff to near level and everything in between. The driving elevations ranged from 1100' above sea level to approximately 10,000' above sea level. During the entire trip I used approximately 260 gallons of 87 octane low lead fuel.

The additive appears to provide lower engine temperature during hard pulling in the mountainous areas. This was especially noticeable when we were climbing out of the Phoenix area at 1100' above sea level up to Flagstaff which is at 7500' above sea level. During the steeper portion of the grade, I switched to Tank #1 with the additive and the temperature gauge dropped 20% from a 1/3 to 1/2 indication. These indications on the temperature gauge would be subject to some question since other variables such as decreasing temperatures occurred as we climbed to higher altitudes. Judging by my experience on many prior trips on this route, this heat reduction did not occur with untreated fuel.

Vehicle Data:
                     1986 Ford F150 - extended cab
                     5.8L V-8 351 cubic inches
                     Automatic Transmission C-6 - 3 speed
                     Two fuel tanks

                      24' Wilderness -weight fully loaded 4500 pounds.

4 adults

This information is somewhat subjective. I hope you find it useful.


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