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To: GTA                                                                                                                                                   August 9, 1996

Subject: My personal experience with GTA fuel additive.

As you know I have had great interest in the additive since Mr. Pearles brought it to my attention. While I have not been active in automotive technology for about 20 years except to support my son's street classic shop, I majored in automotive engineering at the U. of Michigan and taught theory testing and design of engines and automotive systems while getting my Ph.D. at the University of Illinois. I spent 20 years on R&D and production of rocket engines for missiles and Apollo. I also directed all Army R&D and lab operations for 10 years. Presently, I am a partner in HAECO II, a firm developing a new combined cycle engine which will recapture the world diesel market for the US. The engine will weigh 1/8 that of the lightest current diesel and exhibit 40% lower SPC. We are to deliver two 600hp, 400lb engines to the Army for test in 14 months.

I pushed you to get exhaust analysis immediately to see if we had a politically acceptable product and to help understand what the additive was doing during the combustion process. I have personally used it in 1. My 1981 Porsche 91 ISC with a recently zero-timed engine; 2. my 1985 MB 500 SEL sedan, and 3. my l0 hp, 4-cycle, Briggs & Stratton tractor engine. In reverse order, the additive caused the tractor to stop smoking, run smoothly for the first time since new and cut fuel consumption by 50%. In the Mercedes with all town driving (short distances,) my wife experienced easier starting, smoother acceleration and increase in SPC from 8.0 to 15.0 MPG. In the Porsche, on local driving with lots of stopping and rapid acceleration I increased the mpg from 17 to 20 mpg and once with one trip DC to Richmond included in the tank of fuel I got 26mpg going 80 mph on the trip. There was no noticeable change in acceleration but the torque increase available was fantastic. The Porsche gear ratios are such that normally you can only start from a dead stop in first gear. With the additive I could start in second gear even on an incline up hill. Also my private road to my house is a rather steep incline. Without the additive I had to shift down to second gear after a sharp turn to accelerate up the hill from 20 mph. With the additive I was able to accelerate from 20 mph in fourth gear of the 5-gear transmission. This was not unexpected based on the results of the tests I had run in a single cylinder research engine at the University of Michigan.

The additive also provides cylinder lubrication so that I should not have to zero time the air-cooled engine again after the next 100,000 miles. It is truly amazing what the heavy molecule does to optimize the condition of the fuel droplets in the cylinder for rapid smooth complete combustion.

R. B. Dillaway
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