January 14, 1997

Fuel Enhancer is great for your lawn, landscape, and heavy duty equipment also.  Reduces smoke pollution, increases power and performance, and it may prolong the life of your equipment.


Test administered January 1997

Equipment: Echo PB 400e Backpack blower, approx. 2 qt. fuel tank
2 cycle oil mixture in gasoline.

Blower was used in real working conditions to clean the inside of a large greenhouse. There was adequate cross ventilation and being indoors helped to monitor the test carefully.

Without the additive in the fuel; idle control was difficult and there was a great amount of smoke until the engine was warmed sufficiently. Many adjustments were made to the carburetor air and fuel mix settings to no avail. The tank lasted approximately 40 minutes.

With the additive in the fuel the next time around idle control was much easier and the visible smoke output was reduced to almost zero. Running time was increased to 50 minutes which is 25% more, and power felt as it had increased slightly also.

Conclusions: Use of Fuel Enhancer reduced the annoyance of the smell and smoke pollution, as well as increasing the performance of the machine. There was also an increase in fuel economy of 25%.


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