TO:                    Mr. Jerry Trippe
                         General Technology Applications, Inc.

FROM:                Mr. Josh Ambush

DATE:                 August 12, 1996

FAX NUMBER: (703) 335-2954

SUBJECT: Report of Performance of GTA Fuel Additive in Informal Test Vehicle - 1990 Dodge Caravan - mileage: 76,000 miles

NUMBER OF PAGES (including cover sheet): 1

Our family van has an unknown mechanical condition whereby it emits significant black and grey exhaust. When sitting idle, engine running, the smoke is so intense that the vehicle appears engulfed in a cloud. The fumes are so terrible that the engine has to be turned off before opening the doors. A high pitched whistling sound is also present when the engine is running. The sound emits from the right side of the vehicle.

On an empty tank, 2 oz. of GTA's fuel additive were deposited; 15 gallons of "regular unleaded" fuel were added.


The smoke condition cleared up immediately. Not a Wisp!!! was evident for the next 225 miles. The whistling sound disappeared. We drove to New York from Baltimore on less than half a tank. Normally, slightly more than half a tank is required for the same trip.

For the return trip, 11 gallons of fuel were added. The vehicle smoked terribly immediately after fueling, especially when the engine ran, but the vehicle was in park. Once we were on the highway, however, the fumes and smoke abated for the entire 225 mile return trip.

Additional tests will be conducted before, during and after an upcoming trip to Toronto, Canada.


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